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School Resource Teams

Resource Teams are made up of site-based teachers and volunteer parents selected by the building principals. Parents serve as the first contact with parents in need and refer them to Site Based Resources, PEERS or to the Parent Liaison. Teachers connect parents or other teachers in need with appropriate Site Based Resources.


Avalon Elementary

Parent: Maria Jaramillo

Phone: 239.398.6595

Email: maria@collierstc.com



Big Cypress Elementary

Parent: Virginia Prue

Phone: 239.537.0040

Email: virginia@collierstc.com



Estates Elementary

Parent: Christina DiBernardino

Phone: 239.353.7188

Email: christina@collierstc.com



Lake Park Elementary

Parent: Holly Shapiro

Phone: 239.823.2633

Email: holly@collierstc.com


Parent: Patsy Nash

Phone: 239.784.6962

Email: patsy@collierstc.com



Parent: Rosanne Hogle

Phone: 239.248.7510

Email: rosanne@collierstc.com



Laurel Oak Elementary

Parent: Nancy Crowe

Phone: 239.596.9040

Email: nancy@collierstc.com




Mike Davis Elementary

Parent: Althea Florence

Phone: 239.384.4007

Email: althea@collierstc.com



Naples High School

Parent: Jennifer Hunlock

Phone: 239.287.9113

Email: jennifer@collierstc.com



North Naples Middle School

Parent: Lee Dixon

Phone: 239.821.4439

Email: lee@collierstc.com



Palmetto Elementary

Parent: Deanna Cleary

Home: 239.537.2337

Work: 239.596-6868

Email: deanna@collierstc.com



Pelican Marsh

Parent: Claudia Mona

Phone: 239.222.3200

Email: claudia@collierstc.com



Pine Ridge Middle

Parent: Michael Zizza

Phone: 978.764.3577

Email: michael@collierstc.com



Sabal Palm Elementary

Parent: Beth Lasanta

Phone: 786.256.4252

Email: beth@collierstc.com








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